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Ratko Mladic Trial Starts

16 May 2012 by Administrator

General Mladic faces 11 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity, including two counts of genocide. He is charged on the basis of individual criminal responsibility and superior criminal responsibility.



STL Defence Teams Challenge Legality of the Court

16 May 2012 by Administrator

Defence teams for the accused in the case of Ayyash et al have filed preliminary motions challenging the jurisdiction of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.


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Beslan Case Communicated to Russian Government for Observations

3 May 2012 by Administrator

Steven Kay QC and Eeva Heikkila of 9 Bedford Row International have received notification that the European Court of Human Rights has communicated the case of the siege at the school in Beslan by Chechen terrorists in September 2004 to the Russian Government for observations.


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Book Launch: Unimaginable Atrocities, by William Schabas

1 May 2012 by Administrator

Professor William A. Schabas will today launch his book ‘Unimaginable Atrocities: Justice, Politics, and Rights at the War Crimes Tribunals.’ The book launch will be hosted by Sir Geoffrey Nice at Middlesex University’s Hendon campus at 5.30 pm.




50th Anniversary Of Eichmann Trial

26 April 2012 by Administrator

On Monday, the United Nations marked the 50th anniversary of the Adolf Eichmann trial. Eichmann was a Nazi officer and one of the leading organizers of the mass deportation as well as the murder of Jews during the Holocaust.


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Karadzic had "Detailed Information" on Srebrenica

25 April 2012 by Administrator

The trial of former Bosnian Serb president Radovan Karadzic continued this week with testimony from an American military analyst about events in eastern Bosnia in 1995.



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