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November 2012

Bangladesh ICT: Meeting with Lord Avebury at the House of Lords

20 November 2012 by Administrator

Steven Kay QC on Tuesday 20 November 2012, presented to Lord Avebury in the House of Lords a review of recent events at the International Crimes Tribunal on behalf of a Bangladesh delegation present at the Parliament to demonstrate against its lack of fairness and the interference by the Awami League Government in its affairs. The main subject of the presentation was the abduction by Bangladesh Government agents of a key Defence witness named Bali who was due to give evidence concerning the false practices of the Prosecution during the investigation. The abduction was designed to prevent other witnesses coming forward who were due to testify upon the same matter.



Insurance for Private Maritime Security Companies: Liability Relating to Misuse of Lethal Force Remains Unclear

19 November 2012 by Administrator

As the International Organization for Standardization reviews the issue of insurance for private maritime security companies, liability in key circumstances such as the misuse of lethal force remains unclear and untested.



Draft Standard for Private Maritime Security Companies Discussed at European Commission in Brussels

17 November 2012 by Administrator

Last week, the European Commission in Brussels hosted the International Organization for Standardization’s second meeting on ISO PAS 28007, its draft standard for private maritime security companies.

The meeting was chaired by Robin Townsend of Lloyd’s Register, the ISO project leader for piracy. Attendees included senior representatives from the Commission, the International Maritime Organization secretariat, Nato, the Security Association for the Maritime Industry, BIMCO, the African Maritime Safety and Security Agency, marine insurers and specialist lawyers.



Piracy: Self Defence is a Universal Concept of Law

13 November 2012 by Administrator

Steven Kay QC and Peter Glenser Review of the 100 Series Rules for the Use of Force

Legal Review of the 100 Series Rules©

1. Introduction

1.1 The threat to the seas and specifically international maritime trade posed by piracy that has necessitated the private sector to protect their right to trade can only be addressed by measures that are lawful. The need to employ security personnel with arms to protect commercial interests and persons on board requires that employers and all others with concurrent responsibility operate within an internationally recognized legal standard so as to prevent themselves from being held liable in criminal law or civil law for any acts carried out on their behalf. Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP) given the responsibility to protect must follow internationally recognized laws to ensure that the steps taken by them do not also expose them to criminal or civil liability.



Revolution in the Air - 9BRi Annual Conference

7 November 2012 by Administrator

On 2 November 2012, 9 Bedford Row International, Middlesex University and BCL Burton Copeland held a conference - Revolution in the Air - to discuss important issues regarding international criminal and humanitarian law, policy and the role of third party states, the EU and the UN, and the rise of new legal principles such as the Responsibility to Protect (R2P).



ICLB and 9BRi Contribute to 100 Series Rules on Use of Force at Sea

7 November 2012 by Administrator

Yesterday, Quadrant Chambers Barrister David Hammond, speaking on the global shipping community website Lloyd’s List, stated that the advanced draft of the 100 Series Rules for the Use of Force (100 Series Rules) provides a legal basis for acts of self-defence in respect of acts of piracy in territorial waters.






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