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The International Crimes Tribunal in Bangladesh

8 August 2011 by Administrator

The International Crimes Tribunal in Bangladesh is attempting to obscure its accountability by refusing to provide written copies of its oral orders. the ICT and the Government of Bangladesh have frequently attempted to promote the validity of the proceedings in the much criticised national War Crimes Tribunal by asserting that there is a final remedy for any unfairness in the proceedings through the right of appeal after the trials. This is because all rights to interlocutory appeal or challenges to the court have been removed by the founding statute of the International Crimes Tribunal Act 1973, which also removed all constitutional rights from those detained under the powers of the ICTA. The lack of written decisions will inevitably mean that there will be a dispute between the parties as to what was ordered and the reasons for such an order. The lack of fairness in the proceedings so far towards the Defence will inevitably mean that they will be denied the opportunnity to accurately reflect the serial injustices that have taken place and will continue to take place.

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